founder + artist behind bre design co

Whenever we share a story with others, we learn and connect.  And guess what? You, my friend, are a master story-teller. Stories are told multiple times a day and influence us in almost everything we do.

My intention and goal is for you to find the connection and peace that we all need in our daily lives. Through my business, women tell me their stories and from there I take their words and create art. Together we share it with thousands.. Through social media and hand-lettering + coloring pages.

Through my monthly hand-lettering + coloring pages, I will not only teach you a new skill of hand-lettering but combine it with the powerful tool of coloring to help you relax and allow you to become the well-rested, calm person that you and your family needs.

You get to read incredibly inspiring stories from other women while relaxing to pages and pages of coloring. Who knows, maybe one day you will share your own story with us!


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