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 digital ART

From passion to pro:


Calling the creator who is done trying to figure it out on their own

What if instead of constantly wondering how you’re going to figure out this Procreate thing, your days were filled with the vibes of:

Picking up Procreate and seamlessly navigating the whole app: You have a beautiful vision in mind, and you know exactly how to make it happen

Mastering drawing and digitizing your art in Procreate so you can open up exciting opportunities and really hone in on your unique skill set

Having endless supplies and not worrying about paint spills, running out of paper, kid messes, or cleaning up one more thing.

Knowing you have an entire community of wonderful people willing to help answer your questions… all just a click away!

This could be you

digital masterpieces

Knowing every feature and setting

starting your own side hustle

Expanding your current (or potential) biz

Level Up with Procreate Pro

The Procreate Pro online course is the self-paced class to mastering digital art using the powerful Procreate app– designed for creators and artists who want to learn how to digitize their art.

Whether you're a newbie to art and design… or a seasoned artist looking to level up your art, this course is designed for you.

Inside I'm going to walk through all the tools and their functions, lots of projects to really lock-in that knowledge, and become confident and proficient at all things Procreate


Canvas + Sizing

Deep Dive into ALL Tools

Gestures + Tips


Create Your Own Brushes

Exporting for Projects + Products

Tons of Fun Class Projects

lifetime access + Updates

Basic Animation + ig Stickers

Color Theory

Private, Supportive FB Group

in 3D

PLus these bonuses

Half + Full Drop Patterns

Right out of the gate, we will learn how to set up the digital paper right. We start simple, figuring out the best size for your drawings and tweaking some settings so you can get creative without frustration.

We go through alllll the buttons and tools in Procreate. We walk through all the details of what each tool does— we even work on some mini projects to drill in the functionality and how you can use them.

We discover some easy moves and tricks to make drawing on your iPad smoother. It's like learning the shortcuts to get things done faster.

Think of masking like digital masking tape. It's a neat trick to hide or show parts of your picture. We go over it in detail and have fun projects to help you understand the feature even further.

If you’ve ever purchased brushes online for Procreate, you know that it can add up really fast! In this module, you’ll learn how to make your own brushes, tailored to your exact needs.

You've drawn something awesome, now what? We figure out how to take your drawings out of the iPad, so you can do things like print them or use them for products!

We don't just learn – we create! Fun projects that help you practice what you learn. What better way to learn than to use what you’ve been given.

This is your home base where you can celebrate, share your drawings, ask questions, and just be part of an awesome community of people who like drawing on iPads ;)

Gain lifetime access and updates for continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the Procreate Pro Course

Learning how colors work together can be TRICKY! In this lesson, we go through what makes colors click, how they vibe, and learn to put together your own palettes for your projects (no more purchasing those either!)

Imagine seamlessly repeating designs that go on forever… to use on things like backgrounds, blankets, real-life wallpaper, and more.

Did you know that you can use your art and make it into a little moving picture? Pssst and guess what? It’s easy! We learn how to import it and use it for Instagram stories too!

Remember how I said Procreate is powerful? Painting in 3D is next level! We go over the basics of painting 3D figures and how to use lighting, textures, and more.

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pay in full

payment plan

pay in full

payment plan


Let my student's art do the talking

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Here's my guarantee:

I am confident in the impact that Procreate Pro Course brings to your digital transformation. If, after completing the entire course, you find yourself dissatisfied, simply reach out and I will gladly refund your investment. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I stand behind the quality and content of my course.

meet your instructor

Oh hey, friend! I'm Bre, your instructor and fellow creator. After over two decades of artistry experience, I stumbled upon Procreate… and hooo boy, it was magic!

But let's rewind a bit. In the beginning, Procreate and I had a complicated relationship... I'd pick it up to create, but quickly put it down in frustration, swearing I'd never try up again. The struggle was real.

I get it; starting with Procreate can be overwhelming. The buttons, the layers, the brushes—it's can be so daunting and intense! That's where I come in. I've been there, felt that frustration, and I'm here to guide you through it all.


Nope! None! Zero! Procreate Pro is for everyone - whether you're just starting or looking to refine your skills. We're here to grow together.

Depends. If you feel like you know the ins-and-outs, then this course might not be for you. However, if you know the basics and still feel like you have a LOT to learn, then you’re in the right place

An iPad, an Apple Pencil or compatible stylus, and Procreate! Click HERE for more info on what ipads will work with which stylus

Absolutely! Once you're in, you're in for life. As Procreate updates, I'll constantly update this course as well, so you'll always be informed.

Yes! If you feel like you don’t want to make the payment in full, I offer some monthly options as well.